Hi, we're Sam & Megan a British couple living in Auckland, New Zealand. We write all about living an adventurous life on a budget!


We met back in 2015 in Surrey and somewhere along the line quickly decided to travel the world together! By the end of 2018 we have travelled to over 30 countries together, got engaged, then married and moved our lives to Auckland


Now we are settled we put our simple lifestyle first and our goal is to have financial freedom by our mid 40's! 


Ever since we met he's had so much enthusiasm for making life fun and exploring the world. If it wasn't for Sam I wouldn't have seen as much of the world as we have done! He's an amazing planner and can always squeeze in an extra country or activity into the budget! Recently Sam has inspired both of us to save towards financial freedom and plan early retirement in our goals. He is a great budget tracker, I always find him lost in a spreadsheet or two!


Megan is a happy go lucky gal, making the best out of every situation. She's always up for an adventure and says yes to (most) of my ideas! You can normally see her lagging behind trying to make friends with all the local babies and animals! She loves arts & crafts and is always finding new ways to make our little cabin house cosy, whilst saving money and upcycling goods!

If you want to say hello, work with us or ask any questions please email meganhenley91@gmail.com

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